5 Safety Features of the Lone Worker App Service

Lone Worker App Service

Lone worker safety is becoming a major concern for organizations today, and the Lone Worker App Service is a fantastic tool to help you keep your workforce safe. It can do many things, such as send emergency help to the exact location of the lone worker, follow your organization’s emergency action plan, and even provide a free check-in system. Here are some features that are great for lone workers.


There are many benefits to using a free loneĀ https://techfela.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-lone-worker-app-service worker app service. First, it does not require hardware investment and it is simple to use. Second, it is much more cost-effective than investing in an extra lone worker device. And last but not least, it can help you manage your workers better. Regardless of your industry, you will be happy to know that there is no need to purchase a separate device for this purpose.

Check-in system

A good Lone Worker App Service should have an easy-to-use check-in system for workers. This feature allows employees to report in for a check-in from any type of phone, even an unregistered one. This feature is ideal for community workers. Besides the app, the service offers a landline option that lets employees log-in from any phone. The app is also available in mobile and web form.

Automatic fall detection

Using an automatic fall detection device will ensure that your lone workers don’t suffer from unanticipated medical emergencies. This safety feature does not rely on you being able to call for help, but rather runs on the theory that emergencies disable our ability to signal for help. It also detects situations when we may fall unconscious and can send an alert to others. By installing automatic fall detection devices in your lone worker app service, you can be sure that your workers will receive the medical attention they need.

Monitoring of heart rate

An employer can use a lone worker app to monitor their employees’ heart rate remotely. The app can be downloaded directly onto employees’ mobile devices. The employee can also access the monitoring service remotely via WebEx or other technology. In addition, professional monitoring services are available for companies that do not wish to purchase their own monitoring equipment. These services can help employers monitor the health of their workers while they are away from the office.

Subscription service

A lone worker app can be an invaluable tool if you are on the job. These devices provide instant alerts and assistance in case of a worker’s absence. These devices are designed to keep workers safe, as they tend to isolate themselves and not seek help until they’re too far gone. A lone worker app can offer these services for a minimal subscription fee. Some lone worker apps may even provide additional features, such as check-in functionality, automatic alerts, or panic buttons.