Costs of Hiring Interior Painters

Interior Painters

Interior Painters perform extensive project tasks to complete interior painting jobs. They must determine the condition of the surfaces, prepare them for painting, and make repairs, if needed. Some interior painters are also required to wallpaper or prepare the walls before painting. The quality of their work will depend on the amount of preparation. To choose a suitable interior painter, you should be comfortable discussing the cost of hiring an interior painter with the contractor. If you are not sure of the costs, read on to learn more about hiring an interior painter.


If you are interested in painting your own home, you may be wondering how much interior painting costs. Generally, you can expect to spend between $1.50 and $3.50 per square foot for an average bedroom. These costs include preparing the surface, applying two coats of paint, and adding a sealer. Contractors will base their quote on the square footage of the room. A single room can take one day to paint.

To estimate the cost, multiply the square footage of the room by the height. If the space is large enough, subtract windows and window trim from the square footage. This can help keep costs low. Then, figure out how many coats you need for the entire room. Also, consider the color of the paint, since a new layer of the same color may not require primer. Make sure you have sufficient budget for the interior painting project.


Painting is a highly versatile career choice that is rewarding both in terms of money and satisfaction. There are a variety of different job titles for painters, but the skills needed for each are similar. A high school diploma is required, and there is approximately two years of paid on-the-job training before the trade becomes a full-fledged profession. Apprenticeship programs in the field involve 144 hours of technical instruction and 2,000 hours of paid work experience. Training in the trade includes lessons in aesthetics, wood finishing, safety practices, application techniques, and more.

As a painter, you need to be well-versed in lead and other hazards. A qualified painter will have completed a certified lead safety course and a Renovation, Repair, and Painting program, which includes hands-on exercises. If you are unsure of the certifications you should look for, check out NACE International Institute and Society for Protective Coatings. Aside from education and training, you should look for a painter with excellent communication skills.

Costs of hiring an interior painter

There are several costs to consider when hiring an interior painter. You should request at least three estimates and make sure each bid is completely accurate. When you receive your estimates, ask for a detailed breakdown of the costs so that you know exactly how much they’ll charge for the work. Then, make sure to get a contract, and ask them about insurance and subcontractors, if any. These are a few of the most important costs to consider.

Generally speaking, the cost of hiring an interior painter depends on a number of factors, including your geographic location, the difficulty of the work, and the materials used. Some painters charge more for last-minute jobs than others. Additionally, the painter may need to travel further if the job is urgent. Likewise, textured walls require more paint because of their texture. Textured walls may have been raised using joint compound, or the painter can add a new texture if requested. Before hiring an interior painter, send a picture of the wall to them, which can help them give you a ballpark price. Improovy also has a page on the Phoenix website, where you can request a local quote.