Applied ergo increases productivity

“Jim Applied ergo increases productivity comes from a great family time PPP directly backward. Though when backward, Pak Joko still suspect and even results inkrahnya his innocence,” Applied ergo increases productivity.

Membludaknya pemudik the feast Christmas and New Year get special attention from the Ministry of Health. Over pemudik the Christmas holidays and the New Year time is dominated many pregnant women.

“Up to the date of January 1, 2014 at 9:00 pm, the number of visits at various OSH Postal upstream of 1053

visits,”said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Penyehatan ( P2PL ) Ministry of health Tjandra Yoga Aditama in evidence releasenya, Wednesday ( 01/01/2014 ).

From the various reports of the various upstream post OSH, pregnant women being most visitors. A total of 235 pregnant women came forth OSH post on upstream currents Christmas and New year.

Also check a pregnant mother of his illness, there is also a check a pemudik Infectious disease Channels

Acute ( ISPA ). Cause the emergence of diseases such as air quality and fitness pemudik low.

The following data on current diseases upstream pemudik Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014.

increases productivity