Integrated towing trucks

When your car or truck is in need of a tow, you need to find a company that is equipped to deal with such emergencies. A big truck towing company will not only offer emergency services, but will also train its workers in the latest towing techniques. This will ensure that your car or truck is transported safely.

Heavy-duty towing trucks

Heavy-duty towing trucks are designed to tow large vehicles. Their power is determined by their horsepower and torque. Smaller cars require less towing power. Usually, a larger truck has more power than a smaller one. In addition, a heavy-duty tow truck is more durable and can carry bigger loads.

The demand for heavy-duty towing trucks is high in the United States. Many police departments own one or two heavy-duty trucks. They are used to tow broken-down vehicles that are illegally parked. They are also used to clear the road when there is no towing company available.

Integrated towing trucks are equipped with an extra axle and can handle large and heavy loads. These trucks are often used during auto accidents, to help secure the vehicles and bring them to a repair shop or refinishing facility. These trucks are equipped with certified technicians and extensive experience working with different types of vehicles.

There are several different types of integrated tow trucks. Some are used in heavy-duty towing, while others are used to tow buses and other rigs. Integrated tow trucks are equipped with big truck towing extra axles to increase stability and movable arms to better clamp onto a vehicle’s wheels.

Wheel-lift towing trucks

Wheel-lift towing trucks are the best option for large-sized trucks that need to tow a vehicle. These trucks are equipped with a hydraulic boom and crossbars that fit underneath the front and rear wheels of a vehicle. They then lift the wheels and drag them to the desired destination. Most of the time, wheel-lift tow trucks are used to tow disabled cars to repair shops.

These tow trucks have become the latest technology in towing trucks. The driver of these vehicles can control the operation from inside the truck. The lift, or stinger, is deployed by hydraulic power and extends out along pavement behind the truck. Once it is in position, the operator attaches the stinger to the axles of the vehicle.

Hook and chain towing trucks

A hook and chain towing truck is one of the most common types of tow trucks. This type of tow truck hooks onto the car’s axle or bumper and then lifts the vehicle using a boom winch. Once lifted, the chain is attached to the tow truck’s towbar and the car is towed with the back end still on the ground. These trucks are not recommended for towing vehicles with all-wheel drive, as they can damage the drivetrain.

Wheel lift tow trucks are another common type of towing truck. These trucks have an elevated front end, which allows the tow truck to maneuver through a narrow area. They are also useful for repossessing cars. Unlike hook and chain tow trucks, wheel lift tow trucks use a hydraulic lift to raise the front wheels off the ground.